Rib & Block Slabs

A SuperSlab consists of a composite suspended concrete slab system comprising prestressed concrete ribs and hollow concrete blocks. Our SuperSlabs offer finished slab depths of:

  • Slab depth 170mm
  • Slab depth 200mm
  • Slab depth 255mm
  • Slab depth 300mm
  • Slab depth 340mm

and span up to a maximum of 10,000mm. Installation is quick, simple and cost effective.

Our SuperSlabs are designed to suit residential, commercial and industrial developments such as:

  • Townhouses, cluster homes and flats

  • Multiple story urban living centers

  • Office blocks

  • Schools

  • Hotels and hostels

  • Shopping centers

  • Factories and warehouses

  • suspended ground floors

SuperSlab installation requires no mechanical aids and is manually installed using non-skilled labor. Slabs can be erected at rate of up to 500m² per day:

  • Lightweight structure

  • Fast, flexible and cost effective

  • Minimal site access required

  • SuperSlabs are packed systematically according to layout drawings provided

  • After slabs have been leveled insert stiffener rib reinforcing steel as indicated. Place anti-crack weld mesh (if required) and electrical conduits prior to pouring of structural concrete topping

  • 25 MPa structural concrete topping to be poured in situ over precast components. Vibrate concrete and level to finish

  • Temporary propping to be removed when concrete reaches crushing strength of 17 MPa (or according to supervising engineers instructions)

  • No concrete to be poured in situ until inspected by a Super Slabs engineer

SuperSlabs offer versatility for:

  • Irregular shapes and downlighters

  • Skylights and apertures

  • Cantilevers and curved ceilings

  • Extensions of existing slabs

  • Special architectural features

Our success depends on your satisfaction through the following services we offer:

  • Dedicated professional teams focused on delivering tailor-made solutions

  • Engineering reports and slab cost estimates

  • Economical structural slab design and engineering certification

  • Full engineering designs of foundations, columns, retaining walls and staircases.

  • Dedicated construction division for installation and concreting of our SuperSlabs (if required)

  • Prompt and personal attention to all inquiries and orders