Installation guide:

Slab placing

Place ribs from setting out point as indicated on drawing at approximate centers. Space accurately by placing one closed-end hollow block at each end of span.In accordance with SABS 0100, minimum bearing of 40mm onto load bearing brickwork.

Erect suitable temporary propping under indicated position of stiffener ribs (maximum 1800mm centers) and level to specified camber.

Prop (if required) before placing balance of hollow blocks as detailed. Leave out blocks for stiffener ribs as per drawings.

Place stiffener rib (cross-rib) reinforcement. Install services over blocks and not on top of ribs. Then place mesh over blocks.

Remove excess rubble from ribs and blocks and thoroughly wet slab before casting concrete.


Before placing any concrete, slabs are to be inspected by the supervising engineer or appointed representative.


Use a minimum 25 MPa strength concrete at 28 days as the structural topping. Casting must be continuous to create monolithic slab. Heaping of concrete must be avoided. Concrete is to be mechanically vibrated. Should you have any queries, contact SuperSlabs for advice.


Keep slab wet for 3 to 4 days after concreting.


Temporary propping may be removed when the in-situ concrete has reached a crushing strength of 17 MPa, or according to supervising Engineers instructions.

No heaping of building materials on slab during construction.

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